Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Business Support Services from Jupiter Earth helps alleviate the everyday pressures of running a business, allowing you to get on with growing and developing. We support your business from general tasks such as travel arranging, invoice chasing, email management, market research as well as more specialised support. For example report writing, project management, business planning and developing strategies.

Virtual Services

Additionally, we can offer our virtual services option giving you greater flexibility and responsiveness to meet business demands. How much time do you spend on smaller tasks each day?  We can provide services for email, online research, social media management, planning events, seminar, meetings and other time-consuming tasks. As a result, our virtual services frees valuable staff resources and increases business effectiveness. 

Using our virtual services for your organisation can be a huge help in managing heavy workloads — from the smaller elements of projects to the larger demands. You might not realise just how many things we can help you with.

Business & Strategic Planning

We work with your teams to develop business and strategic plans. Using different methods to gather information including SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and capability and capacity plans we work with you to produce the plans.

Market Research

We undertake any form of research required by the client. In particular we undertake competitor analysis to review competitors and analyse who is offering what service to whom and at what cost.

Project Management

Our team can support your organisation in running projects. Using Prince techniques they work with the organisation to ensure that robust project plans are in place, are on track for delivery and identify any risks to delivery.

Report Writing & Editing

We produce and edit reports on behalf of clients.

Organisational Tasks

Our services include but are not limited to

• Arranging Travel plans
• Creating spreadsheets and databases
• Sorting out priorities and paperwork


We prepare and produce slide decks for presentations using PowerPoint.

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